Thursday, March 7, 2013

Detail: Swirls of Scallops on Antique Tin Trunk

Found, at the back of a wonderful old room that's now used for yoga by those who love the full light that streams in through windows on three of its four walls: An antique, tin-decorated trunk.

Swirls of scallops circle and repeat across the tin strips on the lid, a dance of four shells times eight, times 36, and more... I offer a sampling of their dance, in this detail from the trunk.

Scallop shell patterns repeat across decorative tin on this old trunk. photo  © Shelley Banks, all rights reserved.

Scallop shell patterns repeat across decorative tin, in this detail of an old trunk.   © SB 

Some time after editing this photo, I was looking for an image to place on business cards, and came back to these scallops, which feel symbolic of life and creativity to me. That story is on my blog.


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